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Air Medical Ambulances

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The jet air ambulance and medical helicopter with its latest technology equipment are ideal for urgent medical transfers. All ambulance airplanes have intensive care equipment, permanently installed, to ensure the best medical assistance. In case the patient’s health requires it, specialized equipment can be added.

Your health is the Most important

The safety of our patients is our top priority at any time. That is why we have experienced medical personnel and the most modern technical equipment in our airplanes and ambulance helicopters.
Our medical staff is highly trained in flight physiology and has an extraordinary experience and knowledge to provide excellent care and meet the particular needs of the patient.

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Medical Equipment in an air Ambulance


The standard equipment of an air medical transport consists of the following medical equipment.

  • Intensive Care Unit with vacuum mattress
  • 6,000 liters of medicinal oxygen and additional cylinders
  • Multiparameter intensive transport monitor
  • Artificial breathing apparatus for complex breaths.
  • 12-channel multifunctional ECG
  • Pulse oximetry and arterial gasometry device
  • Biphasic defibrillator and pacemaker
  • Satellite phone for worldwide communication
  • The medical team coordinates properly to ensure the patient’s health status during the transfer.

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Ground Ambulance Coordination

The point-to-point transportation service includes expert coordination of ground ambulances for the most fluid and safe continuity of medical care from the point of origin to the final destination.



Commodo Sonseruat

Nerue Ruisruam

Enderit Bolustate

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